Artist formerly known as Global Warming

A Con artist named Climate Change…

But first a reminder from the past:
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Dr. Patrick Moore, PHD in Ecology and founder of Greenpeace dissecting the scam that is modern “climate change science”.

 StevenCrowder Offentliggjort den 1. maj 2017

Dr. Don Easterbrook’s committee testimony regarding the fabrication of carbon based climate change.

Dr Connolly reports:
 I have uploaded datasets for all of our papers to the Figshare website (, and provided links to the datasets on the corresponding article pages at
We believe that science thrives through openness, and so we have decided to use a fully open peer review system for the peer review process, i.e., our new Open Peer Review Journal. As a trial run for this system, we are using our own research. But, if the system is successful, we hope to expand the journal to accept submissions from other researchers.
We are also providing open access to the data for all our papers so that people can check and/or use our analysis.


Dr Easterbrook Global Warming HOAX & Facts