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The Thunderbolts Project ™ – A voice for the Electric Universe


Imagine that for a while. Not much really just a relative large space and a closed system around it, like a big outdoor stadium. Huuuge! with a roof! closed system!

I’m just playing around to setup a comparison between Vakum/empty space as we treat it now and the theory of the electric universe (A SERIOUS THEORY – “NO CONSPIRACY”).

Inside our pretended system, OUR space, THE space itself is empty vakum and therefore the space itself is just a space, a container.
Which comes in handy right away because of the objects contained in the space and therefor, thus far! Good theory!

To “mimic” planets and stars, whole or debris,  in our mini universe AND the vast distances of space … Planets are represented by small dust particles floating around in patterns around bigger stars represented by small pebbles scattered around but stationary … at least from the dusty perspective!

So the pebbles govern the routine of the dust by pulling and pushing with gravity … from a few meters away to dust affecting dust across the whole stadium.

That is the “Power-Ratio-Perspective” called so because I just dubcoined it so … litterally tiny specs in the middle of nothing and einsteins own coined science beauty “Spooky action at a distance”.

And some math and a whole lot of belief if I should guess and I will because im too lazy for applied math. And I actually dont know enough about the theory yet to even know if my analogy is correct!


Just think of the opposite model in the electric universe:

  • It looks it
  • It acts it
  • And instead of dust and rock pulling at eachother in emptiness
  • The emptiness is instead a “sea of energy”, electricity and plasma (I guess) and this is then the real connection between all things making much more sense than gravity … FAKE MATHEMATICAL CONSTRUCT THAT IT IS!
  • Things fall down, Everywhere, if they are lighter in mass than the medium they exist in maybe not … but it will never fall up, right or left … DOWN!


Electric earth

A consensus view of Earth’s electric circuit. Credit: Frankie Lucena.

via The Thunderbolts Project ™ – A voice for the Electric Universe


Intro level Podcast from Greg Carlwood’s THC

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