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Jacob Duellman: “Scaliger notatus, hallucinatio Scaligeri” | Gnostic Media


The Original Troll?

A 5 part look into contemporary views of one of the most important of not the most influential historians of our chronology. Up until now I had only heard some minor details about Anatoly Formenko’s theories, which based on math and computer algorithms have found “holes” and inconsistencies in the timeline of our history, so it didnt really move anything for me.

But having spent some time on this research into the MAIN CHARACTER behind our historys chronology I start to see patterns very familiar to me, so do Jacob and Jan and so will many others.
I cant stop thinking of the story of Hieronymus Carl Friedrich von Münchhausen, the notorious liar of fiction, a story we were told as children here in Denmark.

So apparently this guy, Julius Caesar Scaliger, he invented his own titles, credentials, critics and no one really had anything nice to say before a BERNAYS wrote a biography many years later. A grandfather of the father of propaganda and marketing Bernays thats is (offcourse!) and so the pattern forms into something many will recognize.

Are we supposed to believe all these previous proven liars? No offcourse not, we should investigate and ask questions and specific’ly when not welcomed and no good reason is given not to.

I recently learned about the Saga of Ior Bock (Finland) and it has struck me somewhat to find two new mythos within a short time (1 month) both of them hidden in history or outright tried erased from history (damnatio memoriae), both of them according to the story ending up being portrayed as contemporary opposites of paradise.
Hell (Helsinki) and Tartarus (Tartary) I suppose.

I wonder where the Khazars and the Swede-Norse Varangoi & Kylfingoi (Rus) “vikings” fit in to all this …

UnSpun 074 – Jacob Duellman: “Scaliger notatus, hallucinatio Scaligeri” returns to continue our discussion on his research into Israel Gollancz, Sir Frederic George Kenyon, Arthur Balfour, Sir William Flinders Petrie, Margaret Murray, Kathleen Kenyon, Gerald Lankester Harding, Father de Vaux, the Dead Sea Scrolls, The British Academy of Sciences, and tying back to the Fabian Society, the Theosophical Society, The New Statesmen, the Left Book Club, Mass Observation, and then leading into cover ups in history, archaeology, and much more. Don’t miss it!

Material introduction:

Julius Caesar Scaliger
(/ˈskæləər/; April 23, 1484 – October 21, 1558), or Giulio Cesare della Scala, was an Italian scholar and physician, who spent a major part of his career in France. He employed the techniques and discoveries of Renaissance humanism to defend Aristotelianism against the new learning. In spite of his arrogant and contentious disposition, his contemporary reputation was high. Jacques Auguste de Thou claimed that none of the ancients could be placed above him and that he had no equal in his own time.


New Chronology (Fomenko)

Anatoly T. Fomenko is a full member (Academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1994), the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (1991), the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences (1993) and Russian Academy of Technological Sciences (2009), as well as a doctor of physics and mathematics (1972), a professor (1980), and head of the Differential Geometry and Applications Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics in Moscow State University (1992). Fomenko is the author of the theory of topological invariants of integrable Hamiltonian system. He is the author of 180 scientific publications, 26 monographs and textbooks on mathematics, a specialist in geometry and topology, variational calculus, symplectic topology, Hamiltonian geometry and mechanics, and computational geometry.

Fomenko is a supporter of drastically revising historical chronology. He has created his own revision called New Chronology, based on statistical correlations, dating of zodiacs, and by examining the mathematics and astronomy involved in chronology. Fomenko claims that he has discovered that many historical events do not correspond mathematically with the dates they are supposed to have occurred on. He asserts from this that all of ancient history (including the history of Greece, Rome, and Egypt) is just a reflection of events that occurred in the Middle Ages and that all of Chinese and Arab history are fabrications of 17th and 18th century Jesuits.

UnSpun 074 – Jacob Duellman: “Scaliger notatus, hallucinatio Scaligeri”

streamet live den 27. jun. 2017

UnSpun 076 – Jacob Duellman: “Scaliger notatus, hallucinatio Scaligeri, pt. 2″

streamet live den 11. jul. 2017

Esperto di tutto, maestro in niente (“Expert of everything, master of none”)

UnSpun 082 – Jacob Duellman: “Scaliger Notatus, Hallucinatio Scaligeri, Part 3”

streamet live den 22. aug. 2017

UnSpun 093 – Jacob Duellman: “Scaliger Notatus, Hallucinatio Scaligeri, Part 4”

streamet live den 7. nov. 2017

UnSpun 098 – Jacob Duellman: “Scaliger Notatus, Hallucinatio Scaligeri, Part 5”

streamet live den 2. jan. 2018

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