This is the Black Economy – A conversation with Catherine Austin Fitts¦⇒Forum Borealis

Forum Borealis

Catherine Austin Fitts was the federal commissioner for the Department of Housing and Urban Development under Bush Senior and has a unique insight into U.S. and world economy, white and black.

Almost 4 hours of inside know-how and a few surprises … Enjoy!

Part 2 via Forum Borealis or via This is the Black Economy (Pt. 2 of 2) – A conversation with Catherine Fitts – YouTube

Forum Borealis 5. okt. 2017
Former Federal Commissioner for HUD under Bush Sr spills the beans about global financial fraud, mortgage scams, & the Black Budget. In part 1 Mrs. Fitts share her personal journey of discovery from Wall St to the Bush regime. In Part 2 we take on specific facts & figures, understanding the global black economy & how it’s larger than the white. Some issues touched: What’s the Deep State’s nature? How’s the plunder of the public done? How do they get away with their covert schemes? How many trillions have disappeared? What’s the big milking cows?



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